• Everyone must wear their armbands on their arm regardless if they are leaving the park or not. NO EXCEPTIONS. If it gets too tight, breaks or gets too muddy, bring it to the front gate and they will exchange it for you. You must bring your original armband with you to get it exchanged.
  • Campers can be dropped off prior to the event start date.
  • You cannot rope off an area around your camper. NO EXCEPTIONS. If any area is roped off by a person other than event staff, the barrier will be removed.
  • Motorhomes, RV campers, enclosed trailers, etc. must arrive at the park unlocked as they are subject to be checked by park security and/or park staff.
  • Anyone found hiding or attempting to enter event without paying will be escorted from the park along with EVERYONE who is arriving with them, regardless if others have paid admission. All will be banned from the event.
  • Please bag your trash and put it in a dumpster.