Unapproved Vendors

As you know, attending any High Lifter Mud National event with an audience of thousands and many media representatives is a big deal for those in the business of selling ATV accessories. These events are a big deal for us also.

We welcome anyone who wants to come and ride and have never restricted any attendance. In past years we began to have guests who said they were just coming to ride and then proceeded to come and bring large trailers that were essentially a rolling billboard. Some even went down to the camping area and set up what amounted to a booth to promote their products. This is not a good situation for several reasons. The primary one being there are many vendors paying for display space, and it is unfair to them for these people to draw guests into the park rather than to the vendor areas. As always, everyone is invited to come out and ride and have a great time. If competitors and other vendors wish to come and bring their ATVs and ride, they are also welcome. However, if they want to come and set up to promote or sell their products they are not allowed unless they have an approved booth. We would respect whatever rules other rides establish, and we only ask for the same respect.

For these reasons, we reserve the right to refuse admission at the gate to representatives of any business, competitor or not, where the pursuit of which is obvious from vehicles or trailers. In the event one gets in unnoticed and is found later to be objectionable in our discretion or is found performing business operations without being an authorized vendor, they will be asked to leave without a refund.

If you or someone you know is coming with the intention to sell product and does not already have a booth space, we will be glad to discuss your situation in advance. We do not want to waste anyone’s time or travel expense but are very serious about this.

Flashing/Strobe Lights and Light Bars

Please be courteous of oncoming traffic on the trails, camping areas and in the vendor area if you have flashing lights or light bars. It is a safety concern as well as being courteous to your fellow riders.

Behavior and Conduct at High Lifter Events

Please be aware that the security officers at these High Lifter Mud National events are not from a security company. They are law enforcement officers from the neighboring cities and counties and DO have the authority to arrest anyone in the park for illegal activity and behavior. This includes unruly behavior, public nudity, driving drunk, etc. We want everyone to enjoy themselves but not at the expense of others. Anyone who refuses to conduct themselves in a respectful way and who refuses to abide by the requests of the officers or event staff will be escorted out and/or arrested regardless of age or sex.

With the help of the police, park employees and our own event staff, we do our best to monitor the behavior of our attendees so that no one is offended by behavior, etc. If your behavior is offensive to others, you will be asked to stop what you’re doing or you will be escorted out of the park by the police.

While we want everyone who attends any High Lifter Mud National events to have a great time riding, seeing old friends and making new ones, please remember that there are thousands of people in attendance and there will be times when you will need to exercise patience and courtesy while riding.